Alaska Bush Order Alcohol Sales


The online package store at Greatland Grocery is an innovative partnership formed between Greatland and Gold Rush Liquor for Alaska bush order alcohol sales.  Our site is designed to simplify the responsible purchasing and shipment of beer, wine, and spirits for rural Alaska consumers within the confines of current alcohol importation regulations

As the first and only online alcohol purchase order system for Alaskans, we also want to make sure the ordering process is clear.  We’ve created a purchasing option for Alaska bush orders that provides lower cost access to a wider array of products. It is also more transparent and easier to manage for all involved. We’re excited to serve you through this new resource!

Alaska bush order alcohol sales

Read on to learn more about the site and some of the rules and regulations involving alcohol importation. Enter the package store through the button below.


1. build order and complete checkout


Use the site to like any other to build an order of desired products.  The site will communicate product availability (please call if there are items you are looking for that are not listed), pricing, and freight rates to ship your order to any Alaska community.

Complete the checkout process to communicate order details and required information to meet regulations.

2. Sign and submit purchase order

Alaska alcohol purchase order

An order service fee is charged when your order is placed online providing a required purchase order for your specific order.  Sign and submit this purchase order along with payment information for your order and a copy of your identification in not already on file.

Your bush order will then be complete so that it can be filled per State of Alaska alcohol importation regulations.

3. Orders are filled and shipped

Alaska bush order

Once your bush purchase order and your order details have been received, your order is compiled, prepared for shipment, and delivered to appropriate shippers at Anchorage International Airport for shipment to your community.

We offer incredibly fast shipping (same day if order received by 8:00 AM) to any Alaska community that allows for importation. 

Before Completing Your Order, We Want to Make Sure You Know…


  • This site is maintained by Greatland Grocery & Supply and provides the ability for you to build a purchase order to ultimately purchase alcohol from Gold Rush Liquor.
  • The purchase order generated for your order will be available to download and emailed to you after check-out is completed.
  • Purchase orders must be signed by yourself before the sale can be reviewed, processed, and filled per State of Alaska statutes and local laws regarding alcohol importation.
  • Greatland Grocery & Supply assesses a service charge which is paid separately when your order is placed through this website.
  • Prepayment with Gold Rush Liquor is required for your product and associated shipping charges.
  • Alcohol and other products listed on this site are available to Alaska residents only.
  • Pricing listed for products on the site is normal list pricing.  In the event that a particular product in your order is on sale at the time of purchase, you will be charged the current discounted price when the sale is ultimately completed with Gold Rush Liquor.
  • As requested and required by State of Alaska regulation, purchase order information will be made available to Alaska’s Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office.
  • We reserve the right to refuse orders if purchaser has exceeded limits established by law, presents false identification, requests shipping of product to dry locations, or has demonstrated alcohol abuse.

Shipping Beer, Wine, and Spirits to Rural Alaska


Alaska importation regulations are specific and something that all Alaska alcohol vendors and shippers adhere to closely.  Be advised, that numerous rural Alaska communities are “dry” (importation and possession are not legal), others are “damp” (importation and possession is legal with some exceptions), and some maintain no additional regulations outside of Federal and State law.  Information about these classifications, regulated under the State of Alaska’s Local Option, can be found on the state’s alcohol and marijuana control office website.

The map below shows the Alaska communities that currently do not allow for alcohol importation. A current list of local option villages can be here.



State of Alaska regulations require that signed purchase orders be submitted along with copies of supporting identification before alcohol orders are filled.  In addition, State law limits the total volume of alcohol that can be imported by any individual over any 30 day period.

Our online purchase order system incorporates these regulations by helping customers more efficiently work through this process.  Firstly, our system will not allow for orders to be submitted for any community which prohibits importation. 

The system also provides abilities to produce a clean, legible purchase order which can be recalled for future orders by shoppers as desired or by ourselves to support our internal record keeping and reporting reporting.  All in all, this creates a more transparent ordering process for all involved.  Our customers benefit by gaining access to a lower cost and much wider array of options.

We are standing by if we can help with any questions you may have regarding our storefront, bush orders, or Alaska importation regulations.



We ask that you enjoy purchased products in a responsible manner that demonstrates respect for yourself and those in your community.